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Looking for a new server, desktop PC or switch? Australian IT Support provides a range of hardware and software to meet the needs of our clients from a range of industry leading vendors, including servers, PC’s, networking equipment, software and peripherals. Please let us know your requirement, and we can provide a cost-effective proposal to meet your needs or recommend a more suitable alternative.


Is your network running slow, email down or just simply having general IT issues? Australian IT Support can provide all forms of IT Support, on either a contractual or ad-hoc basis. This can be provided either remotely or on-site at your request, with our work guaranteed to keep your business running smoothly. Australian IT Support will recommend a suitable option based on both your required outcome and budgetary expectations.


Tired of organising multiple suppliers and support contacts, and constantly organising or chasing various third parties? Whether you require a Proactive Maintenance Plan, or a Fixed-price Service Agreement to assist with budgeting, Australian IT Support can customise a support contract to meet your needs. This can vary from simple network support and fixed-price helpdesk agreements, to an all-inclusive, multi-vendor fixed -price agreement to cover all requirements.


Concerned your project is either not appropriate or poorly specified? Australian IT Support provides Project Management Services to help meet your desired business outcomes, on time and within budget. We provide everything from the initial project scoping, design and interaction with third-party suppliers, through implementation and testing phases, allowing for peace of mind during these stressful times.


Have you been told you need to ‘go to the Cloud’, and not sure what it involves and whether it is appropriate? The provision of cloud and hosted services is an ever-increasing requirement in recent years, however it is often confused with a one-size fits all solution that rarely incorporates your business objectives.

As Australian IT Support is a Microsoft Service Provider Licensing (SPLA) Partner, a Microsoft Office 365 Partner as well as a Storage Craft Managed Services Provider (amongst others), we are well suited to provide flexible and agile services based around your ever-changing business requirements as well as advise on the suitability of these and competitive offerings.


Are you afraid your infrastructure may not last, or the advice you receive may be less than reliable? Infrastructure is simply a means to an end, and often these implementations are focussed on the product rather than the outcome. Australian IT Support can analyse your business processes and technical capability, both immediate and projected, and tailor solutions to help you realise and exceed your projected business requirements. Call us today and let us show you how to make the most out of your IT, both now and in the future.


Are your backups a chore, and not sure if they are restorable? What happens if there is a fire or the server explodes? By utilising the highly regarded Storage Craft Shadow Protect software, Australian IT Support can provide both onsite and offsite backup in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is available to new and existing Shadow Protect clients without buying additional software for a flat-monthly fee, including daily monitoring.

Additionally, Australian IT Support offers a disaster recovery service to provide piece of mind and maximise productivity in the event of a catastrophic failure, allowing you to stress less about backups and concentrate on running your business.


Don’t know how old your equipment is, whether it is under warranty, no longer supported or running optimally? Australian IT Support can audit your equipment and give you a detailed idea of what you own, how old it is and what needs to be done to both secure and enhance your infrastructure.